From February through early May of 2008 insurgents were launching hundreds of rockets from an area of Baghdad known
as Sadr City.  This area had been essentially untouched by US forces prior to this and was one of the few remaining
strongholds in the area.  The main task of the 4th Squadron 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment was to find and take out the
"rocketmen", as well as to cover the ground forces that pushed into the city.  One of the defining features of this period was
a wall built down the middle of one of the main roads, essentially cutting the city in half- the southern portion under the
control of US forces and the north, the insurgents.  While the wall was being built, the ground forces were constantly
engaged by enemy north of the wall.  The Apache helicopters were frequently called upon to put Hellfires into those positions
so work could continue on the wall.
Sadr City Surge