If you are interested in owning an original painting or having a military painting with
prints, please send me an email with your idea. Most of my artwork is created from
photographs which makes commissioning a painting a very simple process.  After
your initial email I will work closely with you to explain exactly what kind of photos are
needed. The better the photograph, the better the painting. If your painting is
depicting a story then we will discuss which scene is most significant and which
photographs are needed to portray this.

Prices start at $300 for a small (approx 16 x 20" frame size) monochrome
watercolour and $400 for a small oil painting.
Large (approx 24" x 36") full colour watercolours range from $500 - 1500
Large oil paintings range from $2000 - 4000
Once we have established how much detail and work is involved in creating a
realistic and believable painting I will be able to give a more exact quote.  I will also
be able to give quotes for prints depending on the number required.