Rothenburg is one of the highlights of any visit to the Romantic Road. At the same time, it is also
one of the touristic centers, meaning that there will be plenty of other visitors around. Rothenburg
is situated overlooking the Tauber Valley. The town is still encircled by its ancient fortifications and
you can take a stroll along the town wall and even climb one of its towers and enjoy the view. The
medieval town within the fortifications is still largely intact. Stroll through the quaint alleys and
narrow roads and you’ll be able to picture how life was lived centuries ago. As Rothenburg is very
popular with visitors there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and others things to do. The most
popular event in Rothenburg is the annual Christmas market that is visited by hundreds of
thousands of tourists and locals alike. Even if you cannot make it to Rothenburg during the festive
season, Christmas is celebrated all year round in Rothenburg in the Christmas Museum and in the
huge Christmas shop in Herrengasse.
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